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The real cozy Italy in Lviv is a restaurant TRATTORIA TARTUFO

Would you agree that there aren’t that much establishments of the adequate level which would fully meet the standards of European restaurant business in Lviv?

Therefore, supporters of Italian dishes were incredibly comforted with the emergence of a new restaurant Tartufo trattoria.

However, Tartufo trattoria is not just an Italian restaurant; it is unsurpassed authenticity of Italian cuisine. Remarkably, but the whole concept of the establishment is concentrated exactly around the uniqueness and originality of the Italian classic dishes / desserts.

Here you can enjoy not only delicious rack of lamb, veal cheeks in red wine, unique seafood dishes, gnocchi and many other sophisticated fabulous dishes, but also try

and many other dishes, perhaps not always entirely restaurant dishes, but most importantly - with true Italian character and you’ll finally understand why Italian cuisine is so popular in the world.

In addition to delicious pasta with various sauces, the restaurant offers a huge range of pizzas baked in a real Stefano Ferrara Neapolitan craft wood-fired oven. Proven technology of baking and making pizza make meals at Tartufo trattoria really perfect.

Restaurant Tartufo trattoria offers vast selection of salads, cream soups, meat, vegetable and fish dishes, snacks and many more at any fastidious taste and financial capacity.

The establishment also keeps in mind business-lunches, beautiful and delicious suggestions at best prices, since dinner also should bring pleasure.

All products used for cooking come from Italy.

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